We Buy, Pawn and Sell Electronics

Put Money in Your Pocket with Home and Car Electronics!

Peoples Pawn & Jewelry in Aurora, Colorado

At Peoples Pawn & Jewelry in Aurora, we buy and sell all types of electronics from all the top brands. So, if you need quick cash, we can either provide you with a fair loan or buy your items outright based on its current used value. It’s all up to you, and we’ll explain everything you need to know when you come in.

While we only buy or loan money for electronics based on the inventory we currently have in-stock, we typically welcome the following items:

  • TVs: Plasma, LED, LCD

  • Cell / Smartphones

  • DVD and Blu-ray players

  • Tablets and E-readers

  • Laptops and Computers

  • Car Audio Equipment

  • Home Stereo Components

  • Smart Home Systems

  • Cameras and Video Equipment

  • Current Gaming Consoles

  • Virtual Reality Accessories

  • Vehicle GPS Systems

If you’re looking to buy or trade, Peoples Pawn & Jewelry in Aurora has what you need at lower than retail prices. Need a TV for your man cave? We the right size at the right price. If you’re tired of your PC and want to trade it in towards the purchase of a Mac, visit our shop today!

Before You Sell or Pawn Electronics

If you decide to come see what you can get for your smartphone, computer or gaming console, please be sure to follow these quick tips:

  • Bring Everything with You. Trust us when we say that people forget stuff all the time. Be sure to gather all cords, cables, plugs, remotes, chargers, controllers, even the instruction manual if you still have it. All of this will increase the item’s value and put more money in your pocket.
  • Make Sure it Works. If you’re bringing in an item that’s been gathering dust, please make sure it still functions as intended. For example, your PS4 should be able to load and play games. We will be examining whatever electronics you bring in, so please don’t waste our time – or yours.
  • Get the Crumbs Out. Taking a little time to clean crumbs out of your keyboard or wipe off sticky handprints from TV screens will ensure the right first impression with our professional buyers. If you bring in neglected and worn out electronics, we won’t be able to offer you top dollar.